Dog vs. Cats

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not too crazy about cats. Before you throw down your newspaper in disgust, hear me out. It’s not that I hate cats — I just don’t think they like me.  

In fact, some of our dear friends have cats and little Fido runs and hides when my wife and I come around.  

I guess you could say I’m more of a dog person. My first pet was a beagle named Tiny. Tiny was a loving dog even though he had some age on him. He was actually my sister’s dog, but got passed down to me when she left home.  

After Tiny’s death, my parents wouldn’t allow me to have another dog. It was not until I was married I adopted an over sized dachshund named Tex. Tex brought so much joy to our lives. We had birthday parties for him complete with pet-friendly cake, took him on vacations, and even took him to work a time or two. He was so spoiled my wife and I would jokingly say we would want to be reincarnated as him when our time on Earth ended. He had it great!  Plenty of food, a comfy bed, and was surrounded by people who took care of his every need.  

I suppose that’s the case with most of our pets whether dogs or cats.  

cats and dogs

A recent study by Carroll University in Wisconsin found there is a definite difference between dog and cat lovers. They polled hundreds of people and found dog lovers tend to be more lively and outgoing while cat lovers were more introverted and open minded.  

Here’s the part of their study that got me, though. They found cat lovers scored higher on intelligence than dog lovers. I don’t agree with that at all. How does the fact I own a dog instead of a cat have anything to do with how intelligent I am?  

The study, which was presented at the annual Association for Psychological Science meeting this year, goes on to point out dog people are more lively because they’re going to want to be outside, talking to people, and bringing their dog along.  Whereas cat owners, the study claims, tend to stay inside more reading books and lounging, are more sensitive and tend to be more introverted.  

The other interesting finding was dog lovers said they chose a dog because they wanted companionship. I agree with that finding wholeheartedly! After Tex died at the age of 14 we felt this overwhelming void in our house. Everything we did seemed awkward without him around. Some may say, “its just a dog.” I firmly believe pets become a part of the family and in our case like a child since we don’t have children. 

It’s possible we choose our pets based on our own personalities. Cats are obviously more independent animals and tend to be more cautious of others. They can also in some cases be more affectionate than dogs. Affection was one of the top reasons cat lovers said they chose a cat over a dog. 

Whether you’re an introverted cat lover or an outgoing dog lover, I think we can agree there is nothing like the unconditional love of a pet. Sure we all have our differences, but there’s very little that outranks my 11-pound dachshund Zeke enthusiastically greeting me when I walk in the door every evening. Call me fanatical or lacking in intelligence if you want, I prefer my dog over most people any day. 


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